About Us


Our Humble Beginnings

In 1999, Todd Dennison embarked on his woodworking journey, honing his skills and passion for craftsmanship. His dedication led to the acquisition of his workplace in 2018, a pivotal moment that marked the birth of Crafted Elements. It was at this point that Todd and his team began to transform their vision into reality, establishing Crafted Elements as a beacon of exceptional woodworking and creative collaboration.

Yeah... We Can Do That!

At Crafted Elements, our turnkey manufacturing services place production under one roof, where you will enjoy time and money savings that emerge from the efficiencies we provide. As your value added contract manufacturer, we can create the processes needed to streamline your production requirements quickly with high-quality components and products.

Don’t be fooled by others who offer turnkey manufacturing only to provide partial services or processes that include outsourcing. At Crafted Elements, we take care of your manufacturing from start to finish. This is important because our manufacturing services allow us to provide industry-leading turnaround times and competitive prices.

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Why Choose Crafted Elements

As YOUR Trusted Contract Manufacturing Partner?

Managing manufacturing processes, procuring materials, and supplies is an exhausting and expensive process. If your company is just starting out or growing at a rate you can’t keep up with, it might be time for one turnkey contract manufacturing company to completely handle your project to completion. For those program managers dealing with a handful of suppliers and frustrated with managing different deadlines, wouldn’t you want to leave that headache to one company to oversee? A contract manufacturer like Crafted Elements does the hard work for you. Whether we’re manufacturing a single component, or full assemblies, our customers put their trust in us.

Applications and Products

CNC machined parts can be found in just about every type of product. Whatever your product or industry we can review your application and assess our capability to meet your needs. Here are some common applications for outsourced component manufacturing.