Assembly and Machines


Assembly and Packaging

At Crafted Elements we have the team and resources needed for contract manufacturing assembly services. When you choose us, you gain access to a full-service contract manufacturing team that also offers assembly and packaging services.

We’re committed to the fastest turnaround times and highest levels of quality, which is why we offer assembly and packaging as a value added service. This is also important to us as part of offering a single source manufacturing operation so we see your vision through from parts to finished product, ready for shipping and delivery!

A turnkey solution wouldn’t be much of a turnkey solution if we couldn’t get your products all the way to you in their completed form. By including assembly and packaging services among our offerings, we feel that we can truly be your full-service contract manufacturing company. Once you choose Crafted Elements as your partner, you can put your worries aside when it comes to your manufacturing needs. We’ll take care of everything, including assembly and packaging.

Machines & Systems

With a robust array of state of the art machinery and tools, our craftsmen are able to tackle even the most difficult of projects for our clients.

Our Machines