Manufacturing Capabilities


Manufacturers today face high demands. Customers want innovative, reliable products at lower costs, with tight timelines. It’s a tough challenge. To succeed, you need a partner committed to your goals. They’ll optimize designs, produce precision components at any scale, and ensure quality. They’ll also streamline prototyping, manage diverse components, and mitigate supply chain risks. Crafted Elements is that partner.

Our Capabilities


Turnings large and small are at the core of our capabilities. Our Craftsman have many years of experience tackling even the toughest of turnings. Round, square, octagon, oval, you name it and we can turn it. Equipped with CNC, and Rotary lathes that can handle up to 22 inches in diameter and 14 feet long there is no job too large or too small for us to produce.


Do you or a client have a project that requires highly ornate shapes and fine details? Our Craftsmen have a wide variety of backgrounds that allow us to engineer, design, and manufacture parts with the most intricate level of detail.

Industrial Painting/Finishing

Crafted Elements offers a wide array of industrial painting and finishing services that meet and exceed industry standards. We are dedicated to an environmentally friendly process and exclusively sprays waterborne finishes. With a fully robotic overhead spray line we’re able to handle large quantities of product efficiently. We also have manual spray booths to handle your small quantities and specialty finishes. Whether your product calls for stain, paint, powder coat, milk paint, wax, epoxy, or oil application we’re here to serve you.

CNC Routing/ Engraving

Does your next project require CNC routing or engraving? Maybe a precise quirk or an intricately designed inlay… we have you covered for all of your CNC routing and engraving needs.

Laser Services

Crafted Elements is dedicated to being a full service supplier to our customers which has led us to heavily invest in laser engraving and cutting technology. With both CO2 and Fiber laser machines we’re able to accurately cut and engrave wood, plastic, steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and more.