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Yeah... We Can Do That!

Crafted Elements is focused on accelerating the entire process of delivering
custom, and stock parts at virtually any volume and against your most
demanding deadlines. We tackle very difficult and complex components. We help simplify
the management of any number of different components. And we take a
no-compromise approach to quality. With Crafted Elements, you can be sure
you’ll get the right part to the right specification when and where you need it.
Crafted Elements, “Yeah….we can do that!”

Crafted Elements has tirelessly worked to increase our capabilities and service offerings, better meeting our customers’ evolving needs. With a robust array of state-of-the-art machinery and tools, our craftsmen can tackle even the most challenging projects for our clients.

Our Products


Looking for a customized table? We’ve got you covered. Collaborate with us to design and build your dream table from scratch or bring your own design, and we’ll craft it to perfection. Our design team is here to guide you and ensure you get the heirloom-style table you’ll love.


Crafted Elements has tirelessly worked at increasing our capabilities and service offerings to better provide for our customers evolving needs. Combined with a robust array of state of the art machinery and tools our craftsmen are able to tackle even the most difficult of projects for our clients.


Are you a furniture or OEM company looking to outsource some of your components? We have worked with numerous companies allowing them to cut overhead and maximize profit by outsourcing their toughest projects to us.


Looking for a unique gift or award? Yeah, we can do that! Let’s discuss creating the perfect piece. From custom golf tees to fantasy football trophies, we’ve crafted many stunning items over the years. Share your idea, and we’ll bring it to life.

Architectural Columns

22 inches in diameter up to 14 feet tall… not a problem. Fluted, roped or plain… interior or exterior. Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Custom Work

Our ability to do a wide range of custom work really sets us apart. Whether it’s turning, milling, engraving, finishing, assembly, or branding we can do it. Our Craftsman share a wide range of industry experience allowing us to craft even the most unique and creative designs for our clients.

What Our Clients

Say About Us

Dan H
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The templates are great quality, perfectly cut. I have a second order coming today. I’d highly recommend. They also sent me a free handle template with my first order which has more retail value than I paid for shipping which is a huge plus (I buy some things here and there as I get an idea for something new, but if you buy a handful of items at once shipping would be free).
Hank Owens
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Absolutely the best customer service and the products are second to none. I bought the router sled and I absolutely love it. Customer for life.
Ken Lytle
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Great products. Will buy from again. Everything was as described. Fast shipping. Awesome tutorial video series as well.
Jeff Wagner
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I ordered a router template and had the wrong address for delivery. I emailed them notifying them of my mistake. They responded immediately and corrected my mistake. Couldn't have shown better customer service and they product sent is great. Thank you Shawn & Erin!